Carbon fibre filled for high thermal/electrical conductivity.
This material is available in a mixture of PTFE virgin, carbon fillers and additives. DPPTF75C has good dry running properties and is used for seals in compressors or lip seals. Exceptional wear life over conventional carbon grades. Examples of applications:...
Kategoria :
  • Used in dynamic applications at high speed
  • Good loading properties
  • Bearing Pressure: 3N/mm
  • Suitable for higher load gasket applications
  • Exceptional wear life over conventional carbon grades
Ideal for high load bearing applications.
DPPTF75W Glass contains of 25% clean milled fibres and 75% PTFE virgin. This material offers a higher stiffness and better wear properties than PTFE virgin. It is not useable for soft metal counterparts and has a limited usage in hot...
Kategoria :
  • Improved creep resistance over all temperature ranges
  • Bearing Pressure: 3N/mm
  • Improved wear behavior
  • Exceptional resistance to water
  • 25% glass must be avoided with the use of strong alkalis and hydraulic acid
Chemical resistance to all commercial fluids & chemicals.
100% pure PTFE, white is resistant to almost all chemicals apart from fluorine, molten alkali metals and halogens. It also has very good sliding properties. Due to its low elasticity, PTFE virgin is not suitable with high mechanical loads. DPPTFV100...
Kategoria :
  • Good mechanical resistance if reinforced with glass, carbon or bronze
  • Bearing Pressure: 2N/mm
  • Excellent chemical resistance to almost all commercial fluids & chemicals
  • Highly stable electrical insulating properties
  • Has weather resistant properties
  • Excellent resistance to extreme heat & cold
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • Grades: virgin, carbon filled, glass filled, bronze or PPS filled

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